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About Us

Magwav Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr. MIT) mainly provides SaaS software, IaaS, big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other products and services. In the future, it will be committed to the design, R&D and manufacturing of software and hardware equipment involved in intelligent education and intelligent life.

Our Philosophy

Science promotes human progress; technology promotes life process.

Our Products

Sports event management system

Online application and approval, Online entry, organization and arrangement, score calculation, points evaluation, etc. Management system of solving the complicated work.

Live Sport Monitoring & Warning System

Real-time early warning of the physical education curriculum, interactive & guidance in online physical education course.

Vision Monitoring & Management System

Quick screening, automatic statistical summary, data file export ; customized visual chart & curve.

Body Monitoring & Management System

BMI data by integrated system, exercise prescription, personalized guidance, customized data analysis model.

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